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INDAG at the interpack 2017

Fully integrated production equipment from the expert of pouch filling machines

INDAG GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG, Heidelberg-Eppelheim, will present their latest filling machines for beverages, food and pet food at this year’s interpack in Düsseldorf. Due to the newly developed technology for quick and easy format changes, INDAG pouch filling machines are especially versatile and efficient.


For more than five decades INDAG, a member of the Capri Sun Group Holding AG, Zug, Switzerland, has developed and produced modern processing equipment as well as pouch machines for the beverage, food, and pet food industries. And even the non-food industry  uses INDAG’s sophisticated and effective technologies. Due to long-term affiliation with the ingredient supplier WILD and the Deutsche SiSi Werke Betriebs GmbH, maker of Capri Sun, both Heidelberg-Eppelheim-based, INDAG employees uniquely connect product know-how and technological expertise.


At the interpack 2017, INDAG, the leading manufacturer of High-Speed Pouch Filling Machines will also present to their visitors a fully integrated production data recording and control unit, both for processing plants and for filling machines.


45 Years of Pouch Expertise

Shortly after the acquisition by the Heidelberg entrepreneur Rudolf Wild, INDAG started concentrating on the classical stand-up pouch, the „retort pouch“: As exclusive partner of all Capri-Sonne or Capri-Sun licensees, INDAG has manufactured since 1972 all  filling and packing machines world-wide for the internationally well-known fruit drink brand. With the development of the reclosable stand-up pouch, the “spouted pouch”, and various filling quantities, INDAG offers their customers a very wide product variety.


Highly efficient through variability

The most recent INDAG development provides food and beverage manufacturers with a significantly increased filling efficiency: The new magazine shafts facilitate fast and  uncomplicated changes between various pouch formats. A magazine exhibited at the booth will show how easy and quick a format change can be handled. The technology of the entire machine will be shown in a video.


Additionally, INDAG will present at the interpack the latest generation of filling machines for variable dosing of chunky products in stand-up pouches. These filling lines are especially suitable for processing chunky products e.g. soups, fruit purees and pet foods, where the chunkiness is to be maintained as part of the quality characteristic. 


The packaging of the future
Presently, the pouch technology profits from the increasing consumer demand for flexible as well as light-weight packaging and the trend towards „ready to eat“ or „ready to go“. “The stand-up pouch is the flexible packaging solution of the future”, INDAG Managing Director Dirk Hejnal is convinced: “With minimum material consumption, the stand up pouch provides optimum protection for beverages, foods, and pet foods, but also for non-food products. With our know-how in the production and filling of all Capri-Sun products and due to continuous optimization, we have accomplished for our pouch technology to become the most efficient packing technology world-wide. Thanks to minimum material consumption and weight, it also meets the requirements of a sustainable production.”  



Exclusive supplier of total solutions

INDAG’s turn-key solutions also comprise the process technology for mixing and dosing raw materials. Starting in the 70’s, INDAG has been producing the „Heidelberg Mixer“ for mixing by the batch and continuously supplying all available filling lines. The volumetric dosing unit facilitates quick and precise mixing as well as simultaneously dosing several components. Short transition times for product changes and automatic batch tank rinsing guarantee high productivity and profitability.


A combined inline mixing and pasteurization unit is especially suitable e.g., for technologically demanding mixed beverages. For this purpose, INDAG has developed a processor consisting of the Heidelberg Mixer plus pasteurizer. The flexible INDAG plants and their high degree of automation allow beverage producers to easily fill sensitive products – both with or without carbon acid.


Innovative process technology for highest demands

From processing of raw materials and mixing of the beverages up to production of the pouch and its filling, to the secondary packaging and palletizing, the total solutions of INDAG carry out all the production steps fully integrated and at high speed. INDAG sets standards for the entire process chain, due to continuous development. Therefor customers can profit from the know-how of the leading supplier for total solutions regarding flexible packaging world-wide.