Downstream Equipment

Downstream equipment - fitting secondary packaging for stand-up pouches

When processing stand-up pouches, pouch handling is often overlooked in the production process and repackaging. INDAG POUCH SYSTEMS offers innovative solutions in this area as well, based on long-year experience as the system supplier for Capri-Sun. We facilitate optimum flexibility, of container size as well as with practical and attractive display packages.

In downstream equipment, INDAG offers you innovative packaging solutions and the necessary machinery:High flexibility defines the carton erectors of INDAG POUCH SYSTEMS - Vertical Carton Former (VCF).

With rapidly-exchangeable forming sets, these machines are capable of processing various cutting formats for the packaging process with highest speed and efficiency.

The INDAG POUCH SYSTEMS packaging machines Flat Stream Pouch Packing (FSP) - are the perfect supplement to VCF carton erectors. Through the flexible design, different container sizes can be realised using different forming sets. The loaded cartons are sluiced out after loading and transported per conveyor belt to the downstream-linked sealing machine.

INDAG POUCH SYSTEMS offers custom-made solutions for tray handling (loading, unloading, stacking, and de-stacking) to complement INDAG filling machines for food and pet food. Different levels of automation are possible. With the Tray Loading System (TLS), INDAG offers you a high-performance unit which feeds stand-up pouches into the retort process, subsequently separating them and feeding them into the packaging machine, all with highest efficiency.