Filling Technology

Complete solutions in pouch Technology

Food producers and the packaging industry face major challenges: foodstuff should be efficient in production and “convenient” in handling. With the fastest stand-up pouch packaging machines on the market, POUCH MACHINES offers the right complete solution for each application – for better and cheaper production.

The business unit POUCH SYSTEMS of INDAG offers high-performance filling and packaging units for stand-up pouches along with the fitting empty pouch. Since around 35 years, our packaging experts produce the machinery for the Capri-Sun® brand and its unique packaging. Today, POUCH SYSTEMS machines and packaging are used worldwide.

POUCH SYSTEMS offers two types of pouches, suitable for different applications: The stand-up tear-open pouch is a perfect alternative to the traditional can and glass containers. The Spouted Pouch is the perfect solution for applications which require dosing or resealing. Both the traditional and Spouted Pouch are suitable for hot, cold-aseptic, or cold filling with subsequent sterilisation.

To use the advantages of the different pouch shapes for cost-efficient production, INDAG POUCH SYSTEMS offers two different systems, ideally adjusted to the filling of both pouch types: the linear filler for the Standard Pouch and the rotary filler for the Spouted Pouch

INDAG also offers innovative packaging solutions and machinery for downstream equipment.

Filling machines of INDAG – flexible and fast

Linear fillers

Optimum speed and Efficiency

The linear filling machines of INDAG POUCH SYSTEMS fill and seal Standard Pouches with optimum speed and efficiency. The modular design of the units allows for product-specific combinations of different dosing steps – liquid or chunky – without loss of speed or efficiency. The ultrasound sealing guarantees secure and high-quality sealing of the pouch.



Rotary fillers

Cost-efficient and highest-quality

The concept behind the rotary filling machines of INDAG is unique and based on the “neck-handling” common in the beverage industry, with continuous-motion technology. This allows for optimum speed and flexibility of sizes at the same time, with minimum wear when filling Spouted Pouches. The combination of separate feeding of pouch, spout, and cap, and filling through the spout, makes INDAG technology uniquely cost-efficient at the highest quality.