Beverage Processing Module

Beverage processing module for efficiency in beverage production

The HD-Batch BME beverage processing module is INDAG’s ideal solution for the manufacture of syrups and non-carbonated beverages. The module was specifically designed for small and medium-sized production.

In semi-automatic operation, a throughput capacity of approximately 1,500 to 2,000 l/h is possible. A ready-to-drink beverage can be produced from syrup using an optional pre-mixer, with which correspondingly high throughput volumes are possible. Particularly for small production plants, the beverage processing module offers a comprehensive solution that meets almost all requirements of modern beverage production.

The module can be modified flexibly and customised depending on required production capacity. The module is completely preassembled and tested before delivery. The only thing needed on-site is the power connection. This means that the module can be put into operation easily, fast, and cost-effectively.

Characteristic Features:

  • Dissolving of crystal sugar
  • Pasteurization of dissolved sugar syrup
  • Mixing of non-carbonated beverage or syrup
  • Pasteurization of the product for cold filling
  • Heating of the product for hot filling
  • Accurate dosing of the fluid components in the mixing process using flow indicator
  • CIP function for the mixing plant and downstream units