De-aeration Unit

INDAG water/beverage de-aeration unit –
gentle and efficient de-aeration

Gases dissolved in water, especially oxygen, negatively influence shelf life and taste of the final beverage and hence product quality. It is therefore important to reduce the oxygen content in the water used for beverage production before further processing. This is exactly what the INDAG water de-aeration system/HD-DeAir W does. Water is de-aerated in a vacuum process – for a much better taste and durability of the final product.

The beverage water is hereby pumped through a spraying nozzle into a vacuum container where most of the oxygen is removed. Ideally, the INDAG de-aeration units can be setup in a two-stage de-aerating process with CO2 stripping.

Just like the gases in water, gases in the extracts also affect the quality of the final product. That is why the INDAG beverage de-aeration unit (HD-DeAir B) is optimised for gentle and effective de-aeration of juices.

The pre-heated product is sprayed into a vacuumed container through a spray nozzle. This way, the product is de-aeration gently and free of froth. The flavors, which escape during de-aeration, are won back using the integrated flavor recovery system.