Heidelberg Mixer

Milestone in syrup mixing Technology

The Heidelberg Mixer from INDAG is a high-quality process unit for volumetric dosing and mixing of syrups and non-carbonated beverages designed to ensure exact dosing and perfect mixing. The mixer can be easily customised depending on your requirements.

The Heidelberg Mixer operates in batch mode. It is a central station that can supply multiple filling lines with syrup products or non-carbonated drinks. The different mixing components are stored in a raw material station for small quantities whereas the larger quantities are stored in a tank. To ensure accurate volumetric dosing, the recipe components are availed in liquid, standardised form. Crystalline or powder-like components are dissolved in containers thus ensuring consistent product quality and highly efficient production.

All stations are equipped with dosing pumps to pump the components through the flow meters of the dosing station into the batching tanks. After the dosing process, the dosing strand is rinsed with water which is then reused in the formulation to prevent wastage.

Every filling line has two batching tanks that are filled and emptied alternately. The speed-controlled agitator in the batch tanks ensures a homogeneous mixture and product-preserving treatment. The Heidelberg Mixer allows for effective residual quantity processing of beverage components.

The Heidelberg Mixer is based on a modular system concept. Custom enhancements of component locations and filling lines can already be considered during the design phase: This makes production flexible and easily scalable.