IPS Heating System

INDAG High Power Heating System (IPS®) –
heating of chunky or highly viscous foods

The INDAG High Power Heating System (IPS®), developed and patented by INDAG, is a new technology for heating of foodstuffs. It optimally exploits the advantages of ohmic heating in an optimum frequency range. It can be used for efficient, fast, and gentle heating of chunky and highly/viscous foodstuffs without the usual quality loss that is common in conventional heating.

IPS® is well suited for heating fluid products with chunky or highly viscous foodstuffs. This technology can be used in the manufacture of fruit juices with high fruit content, dressings (as well as sterile, pH-neutral end products), highly chunky premium jams, caramel, vanilla, chocolate sauces, ready-made meals with vegetables and meat, sauces, ketchup, salsa sauces, and all foods that can be pumped and which must be heated or boiled gently.

The INDAG IPS® system guarantees maximum product quality. With the IPS system, the natural product characteristics such as colour, taste, texture, flavor, etc. are maintained in a hitherto unsurpassed quality. The system makes sure that undesirable products of electrolysis are kept out of the final product.

Electrical energy is applied onto the product in the form of heat with extremely high efficiency and reliability. The high efficiency and the CIP at lower temperatures save energy.

The IPS® systems currently in use have a throughput of up to three tonnes of product per hour at heating temperatures of up to 140 °C within 90 seconds.