Pasteurization Unit

Pasteurization with efficient heat recovery

INDAG fast heating systems are designed to meet the highest requirements in pasteurization processes. The modern systems ensure the highest levels of product quality, gentle heating, and microbiological safety.

The fast heating systems which are fitted with plate heat exchangers are ideal for pasteurization of both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. They are characterized by the high efficiency in heat recovery as well as the gentle heating of the products.

A positive pressure gradient throughout the system ensures maximum microbiological safety. The high pressure on the sterile side avoids a mix-up of pasteurized and unpasteurized products. A buffer tank is connected on the downstream end to ensure continuous production and a control unit integrated for the pasteurization units based on the volume flow and temperature helps guarantee highest product quality.

For products containing a high percentage of pulp or fibre, the system is equipped with a tubular heat exchanger for gentle heating. De-aeration and homogenisation systems can also be integrated. The effective heat recovery and minimal extraction volumes using modern measurement technology ensure highest efficiency.