Sugar Dissolving Unit

INDAG/HD-Conti SDM and SDP sugar dissolving units –
residue-free production of liquid sugar

The INDAG/HD-Conti SDM and SDP sugar dissolving units allow for efficient production of fluid sugar. They are perfectly suited for high/performance applications, where a circulating solute system requires rapid, continuous dissolution of the sugar crystals. Furthermore, the Brix set point is measured and monitored constantly by an inline refractometer to ensure consistent product quality.

The INDAG/HD-Conti SDP sugar dissolving unit also has an extra function: Thanks to its pasteuriser, the unit can efficiently pasteurise and filter liquid sugar.

Overview of the technical information


  • 5,000 to 15,000 l/h
  • max. 65° Brix
  • additional capacity levels on request

Control Options:

  • stand-alone unit with control panel
  • integration into the process control system

Feeding options for crystal sugar:

  • screw conveyor for sugar bags
  • screw conveyor for big bags
  • sugar silo with screw conveyor

Direct pre-heating of dissolving water

Extra for the INDAG/HD-Conti SDP:


  • plate heat exchanger
  • gentle heating
  • pre-heating of dissolving water using additional heat recovery

Redundant fine filtration