Empty Pouch Business

The industry of empty pouches – elaborate know-how and long-year experience

Stand Up Pouch

Optimal packaging for individual demands

The Standard Pouch is the optimal solution for food and pet food as well as for non-food products. The pouch can be produced with different material combinations and technical features. The sterilisation or microwave-resistant pouch can be customised to your demands. Different packaging sizes are possible.

More than 7 billion Standard Pouches are produced yearly for products of the Capri-Sun® brand alone – exclusively on machines of INDAG POUCH SYSTEMS. The success of the stand-up pouch is closely linked to the history of the world-famous brand.

INDAG POUCH SYSTEMS also produces your Standard Pouches, cost-efficient and of the highest quality. You do not have to invest in your own machinery and still have complete design freedom. The Standard Pouch with tear-open is well suited for vegetables, fruits, soups, sauces, and instant meals as well as for liquid and chunky non-food products. Depending on the requirements, you can choose between various sizes and volumes. Through our long-term experience, we can support you with customised and product-specific pouch development. We also gladly advise you on material, film specification, and print.

Spouted Stand Up Pouch

Comfortable pouring through dosing nozzles

The Spouted Pouch expands on the Standard Pouch with a dosing nozzle (“spout”). This allows for comfortable pouring of the product and – depending on model – resealing of the pouch. This pouch type is suited for products such as fruit puree, salad dressing, or ketchup as well as for non-food products. Different container sizes are possible.

This day, more and more food producers discover the advantages of pouch packaging and rely on the 40-year-long experience of POUCH SYSTEMS.

Actually, not just on planet Earth: in 2010, INDAG together with partners developed and produced a Spouted Pouch variant for astronauts, used in the space station ISS. The light and flexible packaging convinced the project partners of the ESA (European Space Agency). Lower material and production costs, a modern and attractive appearance, and high convenience for users are very down-to-earth arguments for the use of stand-up pouches as food packaging.